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Light as the Clouds

I facilitated a Writing Toward Wellness workshop in northern California in May. The day was spent exploring writing and poetry as an awareness tool: the transformative power of our words as personal guide and support. For the workshop, we defined wellness as being in conscious communication with all our essential parts.

At the end of the day, the seven participants read their favorite piece from the writings of the day. Listening to each one, I wrote down one line or phrase that ‘spoke’ to me. I scribbled the lines on a piece of paper. The next day I assembled a ‘found poem’ from the seven lines/phrases. With wondrous synchronicity, they fell into a beautifully cohesive poem, full of a rhythmic grace that expressed the deep, creative movement that each person had experienced that day, its message exponentially more powerful in its collaborative birthing.

I share it with you here; the asterisks mark the individual lines:


Nailed to thin tasks*

my intensity would set me on fire—*

slowing down, landing in the moment*

the grace of knowing from the inside

that this moment is all,

is eternity*

I’ve learned so much and forgotten more*

light as the clouds moving across the sky

changing shape with time—*

it isn’t me but the fullness within

that turns heads.*

— with thanks to the authors: De Onne, Beverly, Sarah, Lily, Sandy, Gerri, and Victoria


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