Nancy G. Shapiro

Using real-life stories, scientific concepts, and awareness tools,The Book of Calm challenges the constraints of inevitable change and turbulent events with a dynamic stance of clarity, compassion, and choice.

Transitions expert Nancy G. Shapiro moves gracefully and deliberately through subjects as diverse as welcoming paradox, fierce self-care, power and conversation, and the difficult task of connecting with others when faced with our thousand-fold differences ― providing convincing evidence that people stuck in fear or indecision can experience profound insights, break harmful habits, and move into their own wisdom by letting go of old beliefs.


Inspiring and compelling,The Book of Calm supports readers in transforming habitual patterns within thoughts, language, and behaviors, and to reimagine and renew their lives and their place in the world ― one person, one family, one community at a time.

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Here is a book as necessary for today as breath. Shapiro is a great storyteller, and she guides us out of the dark woods

of fear, self-doubt, and powerlessness and into the calm within chaos —

huge subjects that she masters in a personal way so the reader can definitely say, ‘I can do it.’  

- Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate and author of Baggage Claim

THE BOOK OF CALM . . . is an extensively researched and intelligently written text that offers guidance and support for creating

a life infused with calm. The book’s friendly storytelling tone provides a layer of comfort, while its extensive use

of scientific research gives the writing even more credibility. Even the book's cover evokes a feeling of tranquility.
- Clarion Review 

A book that provides messages to help readers maintain calmness amid the many external

and internal factors that stand in the way. . . . Shapiro uses a variety of effective tools to present her ideas—

including stories, poetry, and scientific research . . . its eloquent ideas should satisfy an audience seeking tranquility.

- Kirkus Reviews

THE BOOK OF CALM contains not only the personal history of the author's own progress toward constructive stillness

but the practical means by which this has been attained . . . 'a non-reactive way of being in the world.'"

- Jane Vandenburgh, "Finding Calm in Our Terrifying World," Huffington Post

In THE BOOK OF CALM, Nancy Shapiro elegantly interweaves personal experience with the hard-won wisdom of growth and transformation. These gracious offerings are shared through meaningful stories, research, insights, and images.

This is a generous book, with a quiet yet unmistakable call to nurture your own soul.  

- Elizabeth Rosner, author of Survivor Café


THE BOOK OF CALM is like sitting with your dearest friend, tea in hand, feeling heard, held, and lifted. With practical tools,

inspirational wisdom, and evocative storytelling, Nancy deftly guides you through the

unpredictable thickets of turbulent living and into the clear, refreshing wellspring of calm.  

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, author of A Year to Clear


Readers will learn to break the habits that limit their potential . . . to make choices with clarity, face the fears 

that make them utterly vulnerable, and to connect deeply with themselves and others. 

THE BOOK OF CALM is a very relevant book . . .  that most of us need in today’s challenging, fast-paced environment. 

Readers Favorite

If every member of our political structure had a copy of this book - we would truly be living in a different world.

- Dr. Pamela Brewerfounder of the MyNDTALK syndicated radio program

THE BOOK OF CALM delivers exactly what it promises. Keep this book by your bedside – it’s a comforting,

calming meditation just to read it!   Susan Page, Director, San Miguel Writer’s Conference & Literary Festival

Nancy pours her heart onto the page with creativity and power. You will be amazed how the energy

and potency of her words move you.  Dr. Vivian A. Feintech, MFT, DMin



Nancy G. Shapiro advocates calm as a Professional Certified Coach, author, blogger, and workshop leader.


Her expertise is supporting people through the inevitable shifts of personal and professional transitions, while celebrating their resiliency, spirit, and wisdom.


Nancy lives with her husband in Tucson, Arizona.