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“Nancy feels the pulse of what’s really going on beneath the surface—a rare gift. I find her ability to help me unravel a complex issue, interpret the clues, and trust my own wisdom hugely valuable.”

— Mary v. d. W., branding expert & artist


When I came to Nancy, I was in severe crisis. Her positive energy, grace, intelligence, sensitivity, and sense of humor created a magic chemistry that moved me forward faster than I ever thought possible.”

— David M., professional guide


“Nancy’s incredible ability to listen on all levels is what drew me back to each coaching session. I felt heard, I felt ‘felt’ and seen, and understood on all levels – a profoundly novel and healing experience during a difficult transition. I highly respect her, her practice and ethos.”

— Dana K., naturopath


“Following a promotion, Nancy helped me acknowledge and rename areas of ‘space’ in my life, sparking a more positive relationship with work, family, and myself. I would strongly recommend her if you’re seeking greater peace in your life.”

— Susan T., NGO department director


“Nancy is deeply attuned and present with clients, and excels at providing rigorous empathy and constructive reflection to help people find calm in cacophony. I use the tools she taught me to this day, and never hesitate to call her when I need clarity on an issue.”

— Susanna W., education strategist


“I’m not sure where I’d be in life right now without Nancy’s cool, cerebral, and nurturing guidance. With her sharp listening and incredible intuition, she gracefully led me to find the answers within myself and ultimately uncover what matters most to me. Life is brighter than ever.”

— Daniel P., photographer


“Nancy’s writing retreat was a wake-up call to get back in touch with myself. I was able to capture the essence of how I was feeling and use that knowledge to make vital changes in my life.”

— Gerri D., health advocate


“With Nancy’s illuminative guidance and tools, I tapped into a compassionate empowerment around managing the pressures of my business. With thoughts organized, decisions reevaluated, and clearer communication, I reprioritized my family, work, and personal life.”

— Ed F., artist/product designer

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