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As we work together, you will discover:


• Tools and practices that reveal and transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits found in old stories;

• Clear vision about what works in your life and what does not;

• Skillful, artful use of mindfulness, communication skills, and brain-based knowledge;

• A dynamic outlook of calm firmly rooted in clarity, compassion, and choice;

• Focus and decisiveness to implement creative, beneficial actions.


Two Easy Steps to Begin Coaching:


1. CONTACT ME and I will send you an overview of coaching options, and a questionnaire that will help you focus in on exactly what you intend to work on. Writing out your intentions is a commitment to yourself, and it is invaluable as a focusing tool during coaching. It is also an excellent way to gauge your progress.


2. SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST SESSION once you’ve finished with the questionnaire. The first 30 minutes are a complimentary time to ask questions about the coaching process and time to get to know each other a bit. The next hour is a full coaching session. It’s that easy. 


To be coached during the inevitable shifts and transitions of our personal and professional lives is a threshold decision, a life-changing moment captured by poet and author Gregory Orr:


"It is on a threshold, at the edge,

where we are most able to alter our understanding of the world

and of our own lives in it.” 


What Can You Expect from Coaching with Nancy?


In the beginning, you bring a strong desire for change in some aspect of your life. This desire grows into a lively, wholehearted conversation, an active engagement with your intellect, heart, body senses, and intuition.


As your advocate, I help you nurture the innate wisdom and knowing that lies within you— a powerful self-awareness filled with personal insights and perspective shifts.

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