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I used to have a turbulent brain.


Then I returned to college at the age of fifty-three. Simultaneously enrolled in a coaching accreditation program, I was astounded by my own transformation as I immersed myself in the integrated studies of mindfulness, intention and perspective, writing as a healing modality, linguistic awareness, and new findings and collaborations in neurobiology, psychology, and the wisdom traditions.


I found calm where confusion, reaction, and habit once reigned. This intensely personal and pivotal experience led me to my right livelihood. As a coach, author, workshop leader and advocate of calm in the face of transitions, I share the tools and practices that bring about a spirited calm of clarity, compassion, and choice.


Coaching has given me the gift of witnessing the resiliency of the human spirit. There is nothing better than sitting in wholehearted silence or sharing a great belly laugh as clients, illuminated by the inner fire of expanded awareness, speak of profound insights and dynamic actions.


It is with deep gratitude that I say thank you to all who have allowed me to be present during your own transformation — the ripple effect of your commitment and work is changing the world.



Feeling turbulent in the face of change and transitions?

Craving some calm?


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