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A Matter of Power

“As dark and crazy as the world currently is, something bright resides beneath the darkness—and it’s the light of a single awakening human soul, multiplied by tens of thousands, in many cities, towns and countries.” – Mark Borax

Power does not always come from the highest echelons of cultural, political, and/or economic hierarchies. There is a simultaneous, parallel power that is birthed from the voices of women, men and children living their daily lives, the experience of being human. It is a power grown and nurtured amid the complex dynamics of families and work, kindnesses and struggle.

I’ve come to define power as “what is said, and by whom.” This power becomes personal and shockingly, compassionately hands-on useful when you decide just who you will listen to, just who you will believe, just who is trustworthy, and perhaps most importantly, just how willing you are to ask the countless, revealing questions that will get you to those answers.

And if you aren’t listening to, believing, trusting, and constantly questioning your very own self, my question to you is: Why not?


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