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Autumn Equinox Meditation

Sometimes all it takes is…one beautiful wrist movement synchronized with the head and heart… – Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler was an influential abstract expressionist painter (1928-2011). She created breath-taking work for over sixty years. When I read her words above (next to one of her paintings at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), I gasped. Yes! For sometimes indeed all it takes is that one singular moment—combined with the head and heart—to create something breath-taking, or to experience an insight or epiphany that opens the proverbial door so the next step toward that waiting creation becomes known.

n the midst of all that you are doing, take a small chunk of time: five minutes, ten, or perhaps stretch it to thirty whole minutes. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (locked bathrooms count).

Breathe. Keep breathing. Do your best to fill up the entire inner space of your wondrous body, from collar bone to pelvic bone. Keep breathing while simultaneously feeling, thinking, intuiting and sensing what you want and/or need at this moment to make your entire being feel alive and fulfilled.

When you feel more grounded, more centered, more present than when you began this meditation, read the following:Sometimes all it takes is ( ____________ ) synchronized with my head and heart.

Listen. Stay open to ease. Be curious and surprised. Have fun. See what bubbles up. Embrace what happens…

Image of Helen Frankenthaler’s painting from Google Images; title unknown.


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