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The Slow Drip of the Present

Five weeks after arriving back home from a month in Spain and France, I am finally giving in to false starts and indecision concerning what to share in this blog, and relying instead on others’ words to explain what I have been experiencing. I’d expected all sorts of creative juice and energy to well forth after the ‘Spacious in Spain’ women’s retreat, a week of beach sun and Galician rain in Spain, and a sumptuous week enjoying Paris. What has happened instead is a slow and steady trickle of sustaining memory that cannot be explained any better than in the words below, and so I won’t even try. In the midst of your own life, may these phrases echo deeply and give you pause to enjoy your day. Slow living is not a retreat from daily life, neither is it laziness nor a nostalgic return to the past … slow living is a process whereby everyday life—in all its pace and complexity, frisson and routine—is approached with care and attention … it is above all an attempt to live in the present in a meaningful, sustainable, thoughtful, and pleasurable way.” * * by Wendy Parkins and Geoffrey Craig, excerpted from their book Slow Living.


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