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Timing is (Almost) Everything

Just like babies, projects, dreams, plans, and the events of an ordinary day have their own peculiar timing. Our friend’s baby came two months early; Ángel is plucky, gaining weight and eating voraciously, constantly pulling off the monitors stuck to his tiny, strong chest. His parents Rufino and Mari are adapting quickly to his early arrival. When I asked Rufino if Mari was in pain from the Caesarean, he answered, “No. Ella es muy fuerte.” She is very strong.

With this family as my inspiration, I happily announce the birth of the Common Thread Coaching website. I could have waited until I had everything perfectly tuned, or after Mercury went out of retrograde, or when it started to rain again, or something stood out as a for-sure-it’s-a-good-day omen.

Instead, it is today. Because it feels right. Because I am inspired to write this, and because Ángel now knows something I want to remember. Sometimes you just have to gather everything you’ve got, and show up. There will be very strong hands and hearts to catch you.


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