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Unfurling to Your Own Rhythm

This tightly wound leaf will one day unfurl into being, a luscious green companion to its neighboring leaf. Yet it can’t be hurried along. There is a certain slow rhythm to its growth, a mysterious reaching toward its unfurling that is specific to this one leaf, and no other.

Human endeavors are similar. Try to rush them and some integral, vital step will be missed. Too fast into the outside world, and a new idea, project, or solution can wither in the glare of attention and scrutiny. Or it can dry up from the lack of creative nutrients from its very source—its creator, you—the creative juice prematurely dried up from being anxious, doubtful, unprepared or scattered.

Look around at the natural world. Imagine pushing anything beyond its own rhythm, its own timing. I’m reminded of baby birds pushed prematurely out of the nest. Or seedlings set out too late in the season, scorched by the sun. Friends miserable in their adult lives, living their days in a manner their parents, the prevailing culture, and/or other powerful influences think is best for them.

Walk slowly. Continue to look at the miracles unfurling everywhere. Listen to the timing of each one. Listen to your own rhythm. Listen again. Follow it.


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