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Stepping Into Tenderness

There is an immense shift coming our way as we step into the winter season and a new year. It will take time and all of our awareness to step fully into its momentum and possibilities. At least that is what I have read and heard underneath the noise of the outside world—its grief, loss, upheaval, and bone-shaking unknown—an exhausting environment in which I feel all of us quivering.

In the last few weeks the word tenderness has spoken to me. I melt inside as the sound of it becomes a calming presence that helps me soothe all of my quivery parts.

And if this is indeed an especially soulful, spirited and innovative energy showing up on our doorstep, and you believe in such things, it feels intuitively, deeply beneficial to step lightly into our individual lives, and to do so with tenderness.

Rest. Stay open to what comes your way, and be genuine in whatever you feel and do and share. When you have it in you, be fiercely generous and loving. Do no harm and do your best. When needed, rest. Reenergize. Renew. Reimagine. Repeat.



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