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It does not mean to be in a place

where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.

It means to be in the midst of those things

and still be calm in your heart.”

- Anonymous -

Every morning I wake knowing something else has gone missing.

A mother or dad or friend. Jobs.

Several species. A city.

The coolness of rainstorms. A tangled nest of dreams.

Every morning I wake searching for the grace of gratitude.

Precious family and friends. Health.

Unwavering love. Birdsong.

Choices and sunrise. A home yet to be built.

The missing multiplies daily (or so it seems).

Gratitude can disappear if its beckoning is ignored.

While I sob on my husband’s shoulder an ancient story crumbles to the ground.

Still I search the sky for the black wings of ravens.

Still I honor the need to write this for you.

Wondering how you are faring in the "sweet chaos" of August.

1. Photograph by Shelly Ravera.

2. Quote found in Happy Inside, by Michelle Ogundehin.

3. "Sweet chaos" - a phrase written by Friedrich Schiller describing baroque dances.


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