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Tikkun Olam - Repair of the World

“. . . when the Light of the World shattered, it fell into all events

and all people, past, present, and future. . . . We are here to find the hidden light in all people . . .

it is not about doing something huge . . . it is about healing the world that touches you.”

- Rachel Naomi Remen, quoting her grandfather -

I’ve been feeling a great grief in the air, laced with anger and melancholy. Visiting our property today, the first line of this poem began singing in my head. The saguaros stood rooted with arms outstretched. The line kept singing, then turned into this poem.

May we find the compassion, strength, and wisdom to get through this time of lost connections, to help restore and reimagine the world that touches us.

May It Be So

The grief of a thing can be so large

It must spread its huge presence

Through your entire body

Until it splinters and

Divides into digestible bits


But sometimes it takes its own lumbering time.

Bad dreams spend the night

Outbursts come and go

Days fill with shadows and

Words disappear


Revs up like a car at the starting line

Until everywhere you look Grief stares you down.

Hello you say and

Stare into their eyes

Strangers with bent backs or pointy shoes

Small buds of flowers the color of faith


That stare at you while parents yell

And each one gifts you with a hallowed tear.

The way it rolls down one cheek

With the grace of becoming and

Loss begets loss 'til it hears your voice

Then runs to catch up with you

Faster and faster


Who holds wonder while walking with sorrow.


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