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New Moon Meditation

The new moon can be a time of renewed commitment, a time for fine-tuning and discernment after inevitable changes that take place in the short space of a month. Today on this new moon — or when spirit moves you — find a quiet, inviting place and make yourself comfortable. Breathe. Deeply. Honor the rhythm of your breath. As you inhale feel the entire inner space of your wondrous body being refreshed. Sense the freedom of release as you exhale. Breathe. Feel yourself rooted in Mother Earth like a flourishing vine planted in rich soil, sustained by rain and sunlight.

Breathe. Stay with your rhythm. Notice the tangled place within you, like the dark jumble of dried leaves in the picture above. Breathe. Direct your breath there. Let it loosen the tangle. Be grateful for any message you hear from its depths. Breathe. Step back. Expand your vision. See the vibrant tendrils of yourself reaching toward light and space. Breathe. Open up, to both your tangled and flourishing parts. Ask what they need. Listen to the answers.

Breathe. Send a thought of healing kindness to someone, or many. Dance with the treasure of your life.


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