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Some Thoughts on Purpose

purpose: from porposer “to put forth.” (from “I don’t know my purpose“ is one of the most common — and plaintive —statements I hear from friends and clients. Often other phrases are substituted: career, work, next project. How we “put forth” ourselves on this planet is singular and unique. It is the same with each and every one of the seven billion other individuals we share space with on Earth. We are simultaneously individuals, and inextricably bound together by how each of us puts our self forth. The following questions are shared in celebration of those courageous individuals who have found their own answers, and for those who are looking. What if my purpose was already alive and well inside of me — something elegantly simple because it has been mine all along — growing, simmering, maturing, rumbling around in my heart, brain, body, and intuition? When will I value my self, and my life, as a priceless, ongoing creation? Inhabit your body as if it were a strong, mighty tree deeply rooted. From that powerful, embodied place of knowing, realize all else is merely wind passing through your branches.

Photograph by Daniel Postaer © 2012


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