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New Perspectives

New perspectives are a noticing, an awareness, a jolt that zings throughout your entire body and spirit. Shifts in perspective can happen at any time. This new way of seeing and experiencing can be an awakening to the immense beauty in your everyday surroundings. You just happen to glance up and there it is:

Lemons in woven / basket against backdrop of / a rainy day — smile

The wet chill of an English morning vanished when I walked into the Lemon Café in Totnes, Devon. It was an instantaneous shift toward wonder instead of grumpiness.

Or the shift can be sudden insight that helps dissolve a long-time habit, an insight that pops into your head while walking the dogs, cleaning the kitchen sink, or appears on waking from a dream.

Where, when, how and why a particular shift happens in our view of the world has much to do with being open to change, to desiring more than “just getting by—to willingly undertake the journey to where, for the first time, you see the splendor and feel the electricity of expanded awareness. And then, despite all hesitations and doubts, embracing the momentum when you are compelled to continue the journey.


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