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The Sweet Wildness of Road Trips: Part 3

I’ve been playing.

Being around children helps. At the pool with family, I joyfully attempted (and failed) to swim along the bottom of the pool like the kids. One morning I was persuaded to dance—and laugh—my way through three numbers on the Xbox game “Just Dance Kids 2.” At a birthday party I wolfed down a big piece of chocolate birthday cake with guiltless pleasure, just like the the nine-year olds all around me.

Free of any schedule and not being hooked intravenously to the internet helps too—nothing is pulling at us. When my husband wanted to take a silly picture, I didn’t hesitate to hang like a monkey from a public sculpture. I find myself grinning while searching for photos for “Studies in Orange,” a series of snapshots I’m collecting on my iPhone. Today I played “warehouse,” picking merchandise to be shipped, and driving a forklift! We’re meandering through the days, expecting little, open to everything.

It’s rejuvenating, this playing. It makes me happy. It clears the mind, turns off the “should button” and gives me permission to write this short little blog, playfully. What a relief to let go of serious.


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