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Connecting the Dots

In the first week back home from vacation, a series of inspirations have been quietly connecting in my mind. These words spoken by Yvette in the book Little Bee, by Chris Cleave: ”Yu only be livin one life, darlin. Don’t matter yu don’t uh-preshie-ate part of it, cos it don’t stop bein part of yu.” The simultaneous wildness and gentleness of the Dartmoor pony that “posed” in the rain for my husband. Steve Job’s last words: Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow. Mind The Gap—heard over the intercom and stenciled on the platforms of the London Underground. The deep knowing of indigenous peoples that when we humans observe a non-human aspect of nature—a fern, a stone, an oak, a stream, a Dartmoor pony—we are also being observed. The paradox of the Tate Modern museum and Occupy London, situated on opposite sides of the Millenium Bridge. Researcher/storyteller Brené Brown’s TEDx talk about vulnerability. Feeling how difficult it is to stay with all the swirling emotions around the news of my mother’s growing dementia and ill health. The wonder of the little book When I Loved Myself Enough, by Kim McMillen. Remembering with amazement and gratitude how well my husband drove in the left lanes on the narrow, hedgerow-lined roads of southwest England. Our laughter at the over-the-top enthusiasm of our two dogs when we walked into the house after 20 days away. Noticing how much I miss the rain and green softness of Devon. There is no tidy conclusion here. I just know these inspirations are all connected, together they fuel my days, and I’m doing my best to ‘uh-preshie-ate’ each and every one. Photo by Barry Shapiro


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